Why Content Isnt King Part 1

Why Content Isnt King Part 1

Why Content Isn’t King

Quality is very difficult to assess, can be subjective and is a question of context. An article written in Japanese is unlikely to convey any information to me since I can’t speak the language, yet it may be of enormous value to someone who does. If I’m an expert in a subject, will I value an article written for beginners, or view it as fluff?

And perhaps this is part of the problem. In any given market there are far more beginners than there are experts, hence you can expect to find that most of the content on the web will be addressed to an audience with very little specialist knowledge, and rightly so. Perhaps there is no real problem with Google’s search, just a problem with our expectations of it.

So, with that thought in mind, let’s try an experiment

Let’s do a Google search for ‘How to make writing interesting’

You might imagine there would be quite a lot on the web on this particular topic. In fact google said there were 177 million results. And yes, there is one on the front page from ezinearticles.com.


The article goes on. The punctuation and spelling are of course correct, but speaking purely personally, I’d say the use of language is poor and the information content is minimal. None of these are major sins, but think a minute. This is one of the top ten articles on the web for this query, out of a possible 177,000,000.

Does that seem right to you?

Google’s view, and yes Google’s view still matters, whatever you think about Facebook, is that ‘Content is King’, or so we are told. But what’s interesting is that Google chooses to look at content in a particular way.

Let’s say a famous blogger writes a post on his own blog. It will almost certainly rank well because his blog ranks well. His site will have a reputation with google, readers will rush to it, link to it and comment on it.

But suppose that same famous blogger writes a guest post on this blog.

You’ll know.

And I’ll know.

And the regular readers will know.

But that’s about all.

Because it’s not about the content, not really, it’s about how many people find it and where it’s published.

Even though the content is original and written by the same world famous blogger, it won’t rank as well. It’s just like having Dan Brown or J K Rowling write a short article for their local newspaper. It doesn’t matter how good the article is, the world won’t flock to it because they don’t know it’s there. And they won’t find out from Google. So content isn’t King, Queen or even an Arch -Duke. Not yet.

Google, and all the other search engines have a problem to solve. Every day the content of the web grows, and not just because people like you and I are trying to promote our stores by writing good and useful content.